The Rhön - Land of the open distances

Situated at the heart of Germany, the Rhön is one of Central Europe's loveliest areas for natural beauty and recreation. The unspoilt landscape with its basaltine hilltops of ancient vulcanic origin, with endless meadows and lonely plateaus, dark high moor, extensive woodlands and clear streams in calm valleys occupies a special place in the diversity of Germany's mountain ranges.

Abtrodaer Kuppe Wintermorgen

The centre of the Rhön is formed by the plateau "Hohe Rhön", with mountains rising up to 800 and 950 metres height. The highest mountain, the Wasserkuppe, is 950 metres high and known to be the birthplace of gliding, as gliding planes have been - and still are - sailing in the skies over the Wasserkuppe since the beginning of the 20th century. Woodless, the Wasserkuppe offers magnificent panoramic views. Walkers claim that the Rhön is one of Germany's prettiest and most charming landscapes.

auf dem Himmeldunkberg

Mighty vulcanic rock formations with green meadows of Borstengras (matt-grass) in a variety of forms alternate with dark marsh landscapes. With four main rivers - the Fulda, Franconian Saale, Werra and Ulster - and a multitude of smaller running waters, the region is one of the most water-abundant in Germany. In 1991, the Rhön was designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a title given to regions where nature remains intact to ensure that exceptional landscapes are protected, maintained and developed.

Blick vom Weiherberg

Tourism, Biosphere Reserve, and the Rhönklub, a local walkers`association, all share a common goal: to undertage heritage work to protect the Rhön and promote tourism. Above all, walking may be the perfect way to gain more understanding and access to nature than any other leisure activity. Walking is "soft tourism" and the most nature-friendly way of moving through the landscape; of experiencing nature without harming it.

Milseburg Panorama

A warm welcome awaits you in the Rhön. We hope you have a pleasant stay in this unique part of the world.

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