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Roter Rain
Playground within nature
Toboggan run on the highest mountain in the Rhön

Adventure awaits you in the Rhön - amazing activities and unforgettable experiences regardless of the weather

Getting out into the open, enjoying the fabulous and diverse nature of the Rhön with all its secrets and revelations, roaming through forests, marshes, mazes and caves, getting up close and personal with native and European wildlife, and even going on a llama trek and keeping a lookout for goblins in the woods - these are just a few of the many options for family holidays packet with spectacular and yet relaxing activities in the Rhön. Haunted castles, fairytales, fascinating museums and galleries, the Wasserkuppe toboggan run, or Fulda's Kinder Akademie Learning Through Fun Centre are waiting to be discovered and experienced - culture, nature, science and fun, all waiting to be explored within one holiday destination. And you'll be glad to know that your hosts and their staff are prepared fot the needs of their young guests, providing families with everything they need for an amazing holiday in the Rhön.


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Wasserkuppe 1
36129 Gersfeld
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